How To Create A Beautiful & Fun Golf Course That Gets People Coming Back Over & Over Again To Play?
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How To Dramatically Improve Your Course And Create A Whole New Experience For People Playing, With Just A Few Small Changes

Stephen Ridgway 

February 7th, 2019
Golf courses are IN trouble !!!

Course closures seem to be happening weekly, sometimes daily here in the UK.

I see golf courses getting stuck in the past.
If you’re thinking “Oh that’s not us here at….” but you haven’t made any changes to your course in the last year or 2, then you might want to have a think.

So often I see a course that used to be the best in the area get overtaken by other clubs and it doesn’t take long for it to happen. And so often it doesn’t happen with one major change, just on-going consistent changes leading to a big impact.

And what happens? Well people drift towards those other courses
Your course needs to excite people and get them talking

If the course is boring then people don’t really remember it, they won’t talk about it and they will not come back.

Now, imagine people recounting stories of how great their approach shot on the 8th was as the ball sailed over 2 greenside bunkers, their tee shot on the long & beautiful par 4 16th over the water, their fear as they stood over the tee shot on the par 3 with water around the green.

They get excited about talking and playing at your course and transmitting that desire to go back and play to others … and then they will call up and book.

This is what maters in the long run

An Example Project...
Just In Case You Were Thinking About A Full Course Design
Cuba - Course Concept
I worked with a developer to put together a master plan for a new course and whole development, which would be presented to the Cuban Government
Golf is an experience and the design of your course makes up a HUGE part of that experience. 

If you don’t make any changes but another local club announces and starts making changes to improve… guess where the hype starts to go… guess where people start to move to…

Don’t wait for your competitors to start making changes before you realise you should’ve been the ones to do it first.

Don’t get comfortable because you feel you currently have the nicest course. It won’t take much before another club makes a few changes and they then move ahead.

Boundry Lakes Golf Course
A new 18 hole golf course in Hampshire
A new 18 hole golf course designed and built around the revamped Hampshire County Cricket stadium and with picturesque views of the Hampshire countryside. 
(I worked on this project alongside another design firm)
You May Not Have Huge Budgets To Make Major Changes To Your Course. But The Good News Is, You Don’t Need To. You Won’t Need To Shut Down The Course Either
You can make a few small changes and create a whole new experience for people playing your course.

And in fact, if you plan it well you can make a few small changes each year, without disrupting the members.

So where do you start?

It starts with your ideas, your teams’ ideas, a course designers’ ideas and finishing touch and then building out a plan.

Which is why I am offering you the chance to get a free course design consultation worth £300.

I will come to your course for a few hours and we can go around the course brainstorming a whole load of ideas to improve your course.

All I ask is that you cover the cost of my travel and accommodation if needed. A small investment for the ideas you could get from the day together.

Claim Your Design Consultation Now:

What Happens After The Consultation?

Well that’s totally up to you, you can take the ideas we come up with and go and do it yourself. Or if you would like some support, plans, or someone to completely oversee the project I am here to help. There is no pressure to actually use me after the consultation.

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